Farmers under attack as thieves go on a cross-country weekend spree

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Thieves have hit at least six farms in four days, making off with equipment, fruits, and livestock, and as reported earlier, they robbed and severely beat one farmer who caught them on his property last Friday.

These recent attacks have been spread across the island from Body Pond to Christian Valley, Collins to McKinnons, and Jennings to Newfield.

Thagpaul Gaimchanb suffered over $3,500 losses after thieves took off with his red and black Chapin battery powered spray tank, a red and black Homelite chainsaw, a circle saw, two cutlasses and 20/20 plant food which he had locked away on his farm in McKinnons. He discovered the theft on Sunday

He told OBSERVER media yesterday that this was not the first time that thieves have targeted his farm.

According to him, he has been suffering at their hands since the Easter holidays this year.

He said on previous occasions, sweet potatoes, chive and thyme were stolen from the farm. The young farmer said he hopes something is being done or will be done soon to help farmers in the country.

Another victim of the thieves is Sereno Benjamin, one of the country’s agriculture extension officers. According to police reports, Benjamin interrupted a thief on his farm at Body Pond shortly after 5 pm on Monday.

The criminal had already raided Benjamin’s mango trees and packed away several bags. He made good his escape with a few of the bags. The police found three bags which the thief did not get a chance to get away with due to Benjamin’s arrival to check on his farm.

Over at Christian Valley, thieves raided Bernard Nichols’ fruit trees, taking off with various types of fruit. The farmer discovered the theft on Monday and indicated to police that the items were there up to early Sunday afternoon.

Several bunches of coconuts were stolen from Rodney George’s palms in Collins and he, according to the police, discovered the theft on Sunday when he went to check his farm.

Also, between Saturday and Sunday Danny Joseph of Bolans lost two goats valued at $4,000. He locked away his animals at his Jennings farm on Saturday and returned the following day and found the pen had been broken into and a brown and white ram and a brown and white ewe were missing.

Last Friday, farmer Twini Payne was beaten when he went to investigate movements in his cornfield on farm. Around 10 am, when he went to the reap corn, he came face to face with the thieves who gun-butted him, tied him up, robbed him of cash, and threatened to shoot him before they escaped through the bushes in the Collins area. All the matters are being investigated, but up to late yesterday no one had been arrested and charged.

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