Farmer speaks of challenges in mango production

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One of Antigua and Barbuda’s many mango farmers says that low national production capacity still remains a challenge to farmers who wish to export.
The farmer, Johnson Southwell was speaking on OBSERVER radio on Saturday morning.
He explained that comparatively, Antigua and Barbuda’s farms produce too few mangoes to be exported in bulk at a reasonable profit when competing with other countries.

That’s farmer Johnson Southwell. He said he is pleased that a new National Coalition of Farmers has been created that could advocate for regulatory changes and changes to the assistance provided by the government that would better enable the export of mangoes.
Southwell also says it may be worthwhile to have a mango farmers’ cooperative as well.
Asked why some had failed, Southwell said he couldn’t pinpoint a single reason but had seen personal disputes getting in the way of cooperatives functioning.

That’s farmer, Johnson Southwell.

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