Family urges public to donate to mother-of-three’s medical fund

Sydaenna Bailey is in need of urgent medical care
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By Carlena Knight

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The family of 42-year-old Sydaenna Bentley is appealing to the public to offer any financial support they can for her immediate medical care.

The early childhood educator and mother-of-three needs to travel to Barbados for surgery after it was discovered that she has a blood clot in her brain.

Her sister, Valerie Rogers, told Observer that due to the diagnosis, time is of the essence to get Bentley to Barbados as soon as possible.

“Her blood pressure was so high that she developed bleeding in the brain, which is called subarachnoid hemorrhage.

“She is currently in the ICU and the only treatment for this is a craniotomy which can only be performed by a neurosurgeon and currently there is no personnel in Antigua and Barbuda who could do it. Neither do they have the instruments to do it, so she has to be flown out,” Rogers explained.

“There is this doctor who is familiar with [the hospital here] who has accepted her case, but the problem is she has to be flown out as soon as possible.

“The doctor is going to be flying back to Barbados tomorrow [Tuesday] and they will like her to be there as soon as possible in order to evacuate the blood out of her brain. This is a medical emergency,” Rogers said yesterday.

Bentley was at work on July 6 when she complained about a headache, tingling in her fingers and numbness in her feet, and was rushed to the Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre where, after doing several tests, the blood clot was discovered.

The cost to transport her to Barbados via air ambulance is US$10,000. This fee does not include her other medical bills and therapy and it is for those reasons the family is urging the public to donate.

“I mean, we are doing our part in terms of the school because we know there is support that is going to be needed after. We are going to be having barbecues [and] we have people who already started making donations to the family.

“We are hoping she has 100 percent success rate with the surgery but there’s going to be therapy needed after. It’s not going to be a one time and done; the family is going to need support after,” Rogers added.

Donations toward Sydaenna Bentley’s medical fund can be made to account number 12690-6 Carletta Bentley at the Community First Corporative Credit Union.

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