Family offers reward to find missing Bathlodge man

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For the second time in recent weeks, the family members of yet another missing person have offered a monetary reward to anyone who is able to provide information which could lead to the whereabouts of their loved one.
Yesterday, relatives of Craig Richards of Bathlodge told OBSERVER media that they are willing to pay US $10,000 to anyone who provides information on where to find him.
Richards, who is also known as “Twin”, and “Boss”, was reported missing on March 10, about 24 hours after he was last seen by a female friend.
Investigators responded to the report and police found a pool of blood and blood spots at the main entrance to his home. They also found blood in one of his vehicles, which was discovered in Radio Range later that day.
The 42-year-old missing man’s sister, Nicole Richards, said the family is overwhelmed with sadness because they do not know if their loved one his alive or dead.
She said she last heard from her brother very early in March and he was in good spirits and did not sound worried about anything or anyone.
“At this point I am empty,” the woman, who resides in the United States of America, said. “We lost our mother a year ago and our father is not doing so well, especially after hearing he is nowhere to be found.
“We just need some sort of information and so far we have come up empty handed.”
Nicole said that their father, Charlesworth Richards Sr, was on the island just over a week ago, providing pertinent information to the police, includiing DNA samples.
She said even though nothing has materialised so far, the family remains optimistic.
Richards is the third person for the year to date whose disappearance the police are investigating.
Earlier this week, relatives of New Winthorpes resident Vincia James offered $2,500 reward to anyone who has information to help them to find her.
That amount has since increased to $5,000.
James, 26, was last seen leaving her workplace, Dixie Betting Company located on Old Parham Road, at around 1:10 pm last Friday.
The search is also ongiong for 21-year-old Osuide Simpson of Bathlodge, who is reportedly mentally ill.
Simpson was last seen last Monday.
On Tuesday, police officers led an island-wide search for all three individuals.
Up to the time of going to press, no one has been located.
Police Public Relations Officer Inspector Frankie Thomas said that as the days go by the searches will intensify.
He also said police are optimistic they will be able to launch a rescue effort and not a recovery.

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