Family of three arrested over drugs found at home

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A Christian Valley father and his two daughters have been charged in connection with a $266,000 drug bust following a search of their property.

The accused are Osei Elihu who is said to be in his 70s, while police sources said his daughters are Efuru Alihu and Moussourourah Elihu, ages 25 and 19, respectively.

They are jointly charged with unlawful possession of 33 pounds of cured cannabis, intent to transfer it to others, and being concerned with the supply of it. Additionally, they are accused of possession of 1,100 cannabis plants and intent to transfer the plants.

OBSERVER media was told that the police went to the family’s home at daybreak on Friday and all three of the accused were present when the investigators, along with K-9 dogs, searched inside the house and discovered the 33 pounds of marijuana.

It is alleged that the police found the cannabis plants being farmed on land around the house.

Sources said lawmen uprooted all the plants and took them to a police station, along with the three relatives and the cured cannabis.

Parliament last year amended the Misuse of Drugs Act, decriminalising the possession by an individual of up to 15 grammes and the cultivation of up to four cannabis plants per household.

 The amendment also expunged marijuana convictions involving a quantity of 15 grams or less going back from March 5th 2018 when the law took effect.

The amendment stopped short of legalisation, however, as it does not remove legal penalties for the sale of cannabis.

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