Family of missing woman say they are receiving death threats

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The mother of Vincia James who went missing over four years ago, said the family has been receiving threats since the discovery of her daughter’s work ID in North Sound last Thursday.

Her mother Jerianne, speaking during the Snake Pit Programme on Saturday, said the calls were made from a private phone last Friday.

“My son got a phone call on his phone from a private number telling him if my cousin go back to jail, the whole family will go missing,” she said, noting that she had two missed calls from a private number that same day.

The 26-year-old who went missing on April 7, 2017 is presumed dead.

Vincia’s body has never been found but four months after her disappearance the police said they had adequate circumstantial evidence to charge her ex-boyfriend, Mikhail Gomes with her murder.

Vincia’s mother said she has suffered in silence and has had sleepless nights for the past four years and six months and said she finds it hard to understand why someone would make such threats against her family.

The woman says she has reported the incident to the police.

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