Family Of Gunshot Victim Traumatized

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The family of a visitor who was shot over the Christmas holiday has been traumatized by the incident.
Anthony Tester, the father of shooting victim, Christopher Tester says his wife is afraid to come back to Antigua.

They have been frequenting the island since 1982 and have operated two restaurants seasonally.
The family has now decided to close down the Boxer Shack restaurant and move back to England, where they can care for their now brain damaged and blind son.
Anthony explained in detail what happened that night leading up to the shooting.

Anthony says the gun man fled without taking the cash, assuming of course that Christopher had died.
No arrests have yet been made, although the police say several people have been brought in for questioning.
Christopher’s family is offering a US 20,000-dollar reward for anyone with information leading to the conviction of the gunman.
Tester was one of two people who were shot during the Christmas holiday last year. Alba “Bumba” Coates of Golden Grove, was also shot and later died in hospital following a separate incident on Boxing Day.

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