Family losing hope that missing man will be found alive

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It has been almost a month since Kenneth Dyer was last seen at his Hawkins Drive home. Now his younger brother believes that the 73-year-old is injured somewhere, or worst, dead.
George Dyer said that he, a sister and two brothers are struggling to accept that they may never see their eldest sibling alive again. He is seeking help from the public for them to track down the elderly man so the family can have closure.
“Let us say that we know he died or we found his body, then we could get some closure. But not knowing is tearing us up,” Dyer said. “That is the painful part about it. I believe in my heart that somebody did something. I don’t know what.”
“It is not like him to be nowhere for so long and no family member knowing where he is. Whatever happened to him I believe he is hurt and cannot communicate. We are all very close. I was just speaking to my sister a while ago and she does not know how to feel. We can’t catch ourselves up to now.”
The Cassada Gardens mechanic was last seen by his sister on September 15. The alarm was raised when George went to check on him three days later, and he was nowhere to be found.
 After searching on their own for a while without success, the family reported Kenneth missing on September 26.
No details are available on what the missing man was wearing at the time of his disappearance.
Based on the description provided, lawmen followed up on several clues that led them to neighboring areas like Cashew Hill, Potters and Pigotts and also to the Fiennes Institute and Mount St. John’s Medical Centre.
Kenneth is described as dark in complexion with a slim build, approximately 5 feet, 10 inches tall.   
George said it is out of character for Kenneth to wander off for so long without contacting his family or returning home.

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