Family in grief at Golden Grove man’s death

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The parents and siblings of 28-year-old Kelvin Parker were still baffled late yesterday as to why he would have ended his life because as far as they were aware, there was nothing suspicious about his behaviour, neither did he say anything to cause them to be concerned.
The look of devastation and pain reflected on his brother’s face, as he decribed to OBSERVER media, the type of person Parker was and the pain he felt when he found him hanging in a fowl pen just otside the family’s Golden Grove home yesterday.
Irwin Parker, the older brother, said relatives last saw the deceased at 8.15 a.m. Wednesday. When they didn’t see him later that day, they were “not too worried,” he said, but they checked the house and found it strange that his phone was in the room.
“Since [Wednesday] afternoon I did not see him. The ‘old lady’ said she saw him in the morning when he left home, and we can’t say what happened,” the older brother said.
“I tried checking around but did not see him anywhere around the village. I found him in the fowl pen when I went to feed the fowls around 5.30 a.m.,” Irwin said.
The distraught 33-year-old man said the family does not suspect any foul play and said they believe and accept that Kelvin ended his own life.
He explained that the yard has a guard dog so the family would have been alerted if someone strange had attempted to gain access to the compound or had done harm to his brother.
Parker, who struggled to hold back tears during the interview, said his parents are having a difficult time dealing with the tragedy. He described his brother as a “kind” “friendly, and “usually happy person.” However, the police confirmed that the deceased struggled with a mental issue.
Social media users reacted with shock to the news of the suspected suicide.
A female who knew the deceased yesterday posted on Facebook, “I know we can’t question death. But every time I see death, I know it can’t be good. RIP Kelvin Jamel Parker. You know you could [have talked] to me. Was it that bad?? You know I always believe in you inside out…what hurts most is [that] you always check up on me from time to time to see how princess and I are doing.”
“October will always be my worst month. The month you leave me. My nightmares, flashbacks, heartaches, headaches, tears & much more,” another commented.
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