Family clings to hope Vincia James will be found alive

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Jayden Ricketts is still waiting to deliver the Mother’s Day card he made at school, but with Vincia James still missing after more than seven weeks, he is not sure if he will see his mommy again.
James’ mother Jeriann Haywood told OBSERVER media yesterday that the seven-year-old boy often asks if the family is still searching for his 26-year-old mother who failed to return home from work on April 7.
Haywood said James’ only child wants to go to the movie theatre, but will not set a date for his outing until his mother returns home.
Relatives of the former New Winthorpes resident Vincia James have offered a reward to anyone who provides information that helps to find her. James was last seen leaving her workplace, Dixie Betting Company located on the second floor of an Old Parham Road business, at around 1:10 pm on April 7.
In May, the police charged James’ ex-boyfriend, Mikhail Gomes of Pigotts with her murder, although she is still missing.
Haywood said her emotions about her missing daughter range from anger to frustration and sadness.
She recalled the last time she saw her daughter was the day before she went missing, but they spoke via phone just hours before the missing woman was last seen.
“Her son had an operation to do the following Thursday, which was April 12, so she went to town to get pajamas he could wear at the hospital. When she came back she was showing me what she got, I was getting ready for work. We spoke again the next morning. I was at work because her son’s school had dress day and she was going to remind him not to lose his jewellery,” the mother recounted.
Haywood said the family asked the police and the government to get help from Scotland Yard to find her youngest daughter, but, to date they have not had any responses.
“I just don’t know, I haven’t heard back from the government but I’d like to thank the public for the overwhelming support and we will not give up until Vincia is home,” she said.
James is one of two people still missing for 2017.  Bathlodge resident Craig Franklyn Richards also known as “Twin” was reported missing in March and his whereabouts are still unknown to the authorities.

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