Faeces stench, mold and blue flies: ministry staff halt work

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Complaining of nausea, stomach pains, coughing, and, in one case, diarrhea, staff in the Ministry of Civil Aviation refused to work yesterday amidst a stench, which they likened to a carcass and faeces.
According to them, the unsanitary conditions have persisted since December when the pervasive and persistent stench of mold in the building worsened acutely forcing staff from the accounts department to be relocated.
Yesterday, nine staff members, five in the registry and four from accounts, refused to go into their offices in an effort to force their management and more senior ministry officials to resolve the problem which staff have accused them of ignoring.
Cody Joseph, an employee in accounts, said that those staff members were moved to the conference room around December 9 which, incidentally, would mean exactly two months have passed since staff were displaced.
“Now the scent is coming into the conference room. At first it smelled like dead rats, but now it smells like faeces. In some instances, you can see blue flies sticking to the wall,” Joseph said.
Ivy, another employee said, “Every morning I have to go to the bathroom because I have diarrhea due to the smell.”
A registry employee who identified herself as “Ebony” said, “We are dealing with mold in our office also, and it smells like faeces.”
Staff said that Edson Joseph, the permanent secretary in the Ministry of Civil Aviation, and Sir Robin Yearwood, the minister of civil aviation, were aware of the problem. Edson Joseph did not answer a call made to him on Friday morning, but Sir Robin answered a call on Friday afternoon.
 “I was advised by the [permanent secretary] this morning about the situation, so I asked for a full report,” Sir Robin said.
T(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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