Eyebrows raised at policeman drawing firearm

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Investigations have begun after a video of a policeman manhandling a man, while waving a gun, surfaced on WhatsApp and other social media platforms earlier this week.
This is according to Inspector Frankie Thomas who spoke to OBSERVER media and briefly stated his knowledge of the video.
The Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda has come under scrutiny for the third time in as many weeks, following the recent suspensions of Police Commissioner Wendel Robinson and Assistant Superintendent of Police, Ray John.
The video, which appears to have been taken on a roadside in Antigua and Barbuda, shows the uniformed officer holding the man by his shirt and demanding that he fully clothe himself.
The man was naked from the waist down.
While holding the half-naked man with one hand, the officer had a firearm drawn in the other, and at one point, he trains the weapon on the man he is holding.
At another point, the officer aims his gun at someone off camera and motions that person to move on 
After a few minutes of the officer continuing to demand that the man clothe himself, and the man pointedly refusing so to do, the man wrestles out of the officer’s grasp and out of his shirt and flees, completely naked.
OBSERVER media has not been able to determine when the video was recorded.

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