Experts say a long-term plan needed in tourism sector

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Professionals in tourism and marketing have agreed that Antigua & Barbuda would benefit greatly from 10 year to 20-year plan for the development of its hotel industry and its tourism sector.
They were speaking on this week’s edition of the Big Issues on the question how recent dips in tourist arrivals and delays in hotel construction could be remedied.
1. President of Invest Caribbean Now and Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Caribbean Council for Economic Development, Sheila Newton-Moses
2. Antigua & Barbuda’s Former Director of Tourism in the United States (US), Derede Samuel-Whitlock.
3. Chief Marketing Officer at Hard Beat Communications, Felicia Persaud.
4. Former Senator (Antigua & Barbuda) and member of the Democratic National Alliance (DNA), Malaka Parker.

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