Expensive appliances stolen as thieves target homes

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Thieves are continuing their rampage across the island, not only breaking into cars and churches looking for valuables, but they have also been targeting homes and making off with thousands of dollars worth of appliances and other items.

On Tuesday, a homeowner in Golden Grove reported that she secured her property and went to work that morning, but upon her return, two television sets were missing. One of the sets is a 32” LG and the other a 43” Samsung; together  worth $5,000.

In another incident, Claire Smith, the caretaker of a house in Willikies, said thieves broke into the property and stole a silver double door refrigerator and a washing machine valued at over $5,000.

They also stole a 20-pound gas cylinder, an electric kettle, a knife set, an electric drill and a grey bag containing a paddle-board.

In addition to reporting the matter to the police, the victim – who discovered the theft on Tuesday – has issued an appeal via Facebook, asking residents to be on the lookout for anyone trying to sell the stolen items.

A house in Paynters belonging to Josina France was also broken into between August 10th and 12th. The perpetrators broke a window to gain entry into the property from which they stole a TCL 20” flat screen television valued $700, and a Toshiba 32” flat screen television valued at just over $500.

Meanwhile, Greenbay resident George Walker was also a victim whose home was broken into between Monday and Tuesday.

He went to bed around 10pm Monday and when he awoke early the next day he discovered someone had entered the house via the front door, after removing it entirely from the frame. The perpetrator(s) stole a small quantity of cash which the victim had on a dressing table in the same bedroom where he was asleep.

 Another victim, a Federation Road woman, awoke to find an intruder in her house around 3:15 am on Monday. The thief – who she described as being approximately five feet, five inches tall and dark in complexion – shouted “don’t move” when he saw the homeowner, who had gotten up to investigate the noise outside her bedroom.

He ordered her to sit in the living room after he took up her phones and proceeded to search through the house. The bandit also stole the woman’s purse which had $20 in it. He then escaped through a window which he had damaged to get inside.

All these matters are under police investigation, but no related arrests had been made as of early yesterday.

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