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The mother of the 14-year-old teen who was hospitalized after a fight two weeks ago, is expressing disappointment that the teen responsible for her son’s injury is still allowed to attend school.
A 15-year-old student of the Antigua Grammar School (AGS), was charged with wounding with intent to murder, last weekend, following the fight in the Villa area.
Sherma Shervington told OBSERVER media yesterday, that the child should have been barred from attending school.
 “They should expel him. I know of an incident where a young person did the same thing to another guy and he is expelled from school. So, why is it that he has to be in school still, is it because he goes to Grammar School?” she queried.
   “I don’t think he should be in school. My son is in the hospital missing his education, so why should he be there getting his education, when he almost killed my child.”
Sam Roberts, principal of the AGS, said that the boy has not reported to school since the incident occurred, but there was no decision by the school preventing him from attending.
“The matter is not a school matter, and the police have done what they were supposed to do. The school has no issue with this child. So, like all other students who have no issue, they come to school,” said Roberts.
In a statement from Clare Browne, director of education, regarding the mother’s request, he said that the ministry will follow the procedures outlined in the law and will take whatever decision is needed in keeping with the law.
The woman said she and her family are willing to picket the Ministry of Education if her request is not honoured.
In the meantime, she is expressing relief that her son’s surgery was a success.
Fourteen year old Devontè James had brain surgery yesterday, and is now in the children’s ward at the Mount St. John’s Medical Centre. He has been in a medically-induced coma for almost two weeks after his skull was fractured during a fight with another teen.
Shervington said that following the almost five-hour-long surgery, James opened his eyes and responded to her. However, she said that doctors told her that it will take weeks before her son is released from the hospital.

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