Even gold-painted streets won’t help Labour Party regain St Mary’s South – Shugy

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By Robert A Emmanuel

[email protected]

Following the announcement that newly reappointed Senator Dwayne George will be made a Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance, Kelvin ‘Shugy’ Simon said that the government will struggle to unseat him as the representative of St Mary’s South.

Simon, who was re-elected as MP after defeating George in Tuesday’s by-election, is preparing to re-enter Parliament to advocate on behalf of his constituents, while holding the government accountable.

Yesterday, the Cabinet congratulated Simon on his electoral victory but claimed that Senator George needed to be commended too for being “able to gain support when compared to the performance in that constituency in the January general elections”.

front 1 shugy respond (george)
Newly reappointed Senator Dwayne George will also be made a junior minister of finance (Photo by Robert A Emmanuel)

George received 891 votes on Tuesday – 29 more votes than Samantha Marshall’s 862 when she ran for the seat nine months ago.

According to the Cabinet, the Labour Party leadership is confident that George’s work in St Mary’s South “is only just starting and that it will bear much fruit” as he becomes the “standard bearer” for the Labour Party in the constituency.

Following his official appointment, Senator George told Observer that for his party to retake the constituency, the work must continue in the area, and he hoped “to be the voice of the people in Cabinet”.

“I am going out there to do my best to ensure that St Mary’s South is not left behind and the resources that are shared in the country must also be shared in St Mary’s South for the people,” Senator George said.

However, Simon was adamant that the constituency will remain a stronghold of his party, the UPP.

“This is bigger than myself and Dwayne George – the next election is going to be a national election… even with the backing of the government, there is no way that Dwayne George is going to be able to muster the amount of votes that he had during this by-election,” Simon said.

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“It doesn’t matter what they do right now; they got a chance to convince the people of St Mary’s South that they are about bettering the people and they failed miserably.

“People’s eyes are open and even if they paint the streets gold, it is going to be a hard task for them to win back St Mary’s South because anything that they do, at this point, will be seen as an election gimmick,” Simon expressed.

Simon also continued to rail against the Prime Minister, stating that his popularity amongst the populace was on “a downward spiral”.

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