Escaped inmate recaptured after short-lived joyride to possibly score drugs

front 3 prison officers
His Majesty's Prison
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By Kenicia Francis

[email protected]

An inmate who earlier escaped from His Majesty’s Prison has been caught.

The inmate, 37-year-old Brudah Wan Luv, was captured yesterday around 3:00 pm after a short-lived venture outside of detention, to potentially score drugs.

There were claims told to Observer that Luv may have had a problem with hard drugs and was unable to maintain his composure once he began experiencing withdrawal. 

The Superintendent of Prisons, Lieutenant Colonel Trevor Pennyfeather told Observer, “We realized that the inmate was not in his cell. On closer inspection after 10 o’clock, we realised that the cell had been broken out of. Now, this is the quarantine facility because he is a remanded inmate who was admitted to the prison on Wednesday, last.”

He explained that after they searched the facility and were unable to locate him, they got in touch with the police and set up a joint task force to track his movements outside of the prison. 

“Upon review of the footage of the tapes on the CCTV coverage, we realised where he had scaled the wall after breaking out of the cell,” he said.

He explained that the cells and quarantine facilities are refitted containers where new prisoners who are low risk are initially housed. 

This is in an effort to separate dangerous criminals from those who have only committed misdemeanors, or people who have yet to be officially charged with a crime.

He also explained, “We did further intelligence work in relation to his known places where he hangs out, known places of abode, his associates etc. We came up with a list and conducted a search at various places throughout the day. Sometime after 2 o’clock, just before 3 pm, we found him on Fort Road. We were able to recapture and have him escorted back to his cell, utilising the small contingent of police and military personnel, along with prison officers that we have at his Majesty’s Prison.”

With regards to the inmate’s unique name, Pennyfeather explained, “I think he has a very close family relative, part of the One Love community, the Rastafarian community. I think he is closely associated with one of those leaders. So, I guess that’s where he got the Brudah Wan Luv from.

“All our records, as they relate to his basic admittance to His Majesty’s Prison, that’s the name that’s there, even on what goes to the Court. So, I feel safe and confident in saying that’s his name, whether or not that was on his initial birth certificate.”

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