Entrepreneurs collaborate to donate much needed supplies to nurses

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The Antigua & Barbuda Nurses Association (ABNA) were on the receiving end of another example of goodwill during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Well known philanthropist, Nigel Pigott — whose mother Bernice Pigott was a nurse in the government service for decades — spearheaded a donation of supplies to the association.

According to a release, Pigott rallied a group of entrepreneurs, to include technology company QG Tech Ltd and Michael Joseph of Medicapharma supplies, while Doc Leyland Powell and ABNA President Soria Dupie-Winston were consulted for advice.

Herbert Joseph, Director of QG Tech Ltd, said the group acknowledged all organisations and departments that are working tirelessly to assist the country in getting through the Covid-19 pandemic and felt honoured to show their appreciation to the nurses.

Michael Joseph, of Medicapharma Supplies, also expressed his appreciation and not only supplied the goods from his wholesale department but also contributed towards cost.

During the presentation, Nurse Dupie-Winston expressed heartfelt thanks to all parties involved for the timely donations of the supplies, adding that “at this time of the Covid pandemic they appreciate all the supplies they can get of this nature, which helps frontline healthcare workers protect themselves, their families and mostly their patients”.

In his remarks, Pigott mentioned a recent local editorial entitled “A call to arms”, and pointed out that the title alone suggested how everyone should view the Covid-19 pandemic.

“This is akin to war,” he said. “Our society is at threat and threats are better not faced alone. So we should all be grouping our efforts to expunge it, whether it is through the safety protocols, making your circle smaller for a while, basic health care and upkeep of our immunity systems, combined with scientific methods and the masks and constant washing.

“Looking back at history, this too shall pass, and we will continue on. This is not the first or the last threat Antigua and Barbuda will face, albeit definitely the biggest of my lifetime, but we [are going to] be all right.”

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