Enjoy the ‘Yammins’ with Keisha

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By Kadeem Joseph

For entrepreneur Keisha Knight, not allowing excuses to get in the way of success is a hallmark of her business acumen and drive.

One of the names behind Yammins, a business specialising in the sale of rice pudding, maw, souse, goat water and other mouth-watering local delicacies, Knight is hoping to make the popular street food more accessible to those keen to have their fill.

 And while she handles the administrative and marketing work of the business, her mother, Rosessetta Mauline Merchant, is the genius in the kitchen in the kitchen, producing food that has become staples at multiple fetes.

The business started three years ago after Knight’s mother retired and the family decided “let’s make a business for her”.

While patrons would normally be able to buy their share of the offerings on Jonas Road, Knight explained that the advent of the coronavirus has forced the family to rethink their approach to selling.

“Since Covid we have been forced to adapt a bit. I was very sceptical about having to be out in public, especially because of my mom’s age… she is going to be 65 this year,” she added.

The businesswoman said, through social media, they were able to operate the business out of their home and offer delivery services to their customers to satisfy their cravings.

Knight describes herself as having an “entrepreneurial spirit”, jesting that “it could be selling ice pops” as she is always searching for avenues to better herself or tap into business opportunities.

She is not only hoping that Yammins could offer an increased variety of options in the near future, Knight is also optimistic that she will be able to join her mother in the kitchen soon to learn how to make their offerings herself.

The entrepreneur is cautioning others that getting into business won’t be easy, but persistence is the key.

“In local terms as they say, one – one full basket, so just start. Do a little today and a little tomorrow,” she advised.

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