Former Attackers player denies there was plot to remove James in late ‘90s

Schyan Jeffers.
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By Neto Baptiste

Former national and Yellow Pages Attackers player, Schyan Jeffers, revisited the ‘90s “overthrow” of then coach Colin James, and denied that the players had plotted against the then manager and coach.

Speaking on the Good Morning Jojo Sports Show, Jeffers said players were frustrated over James’ coaching methods and had simply decided they wanted a change.

“We didn’t overthrow Colin and actually Colin was like our father. But he had become so annoying in our [players] head and always shouting at us, so we said, ‘you’re is not the coach for us anymore, you’re the manager’. So at that time we got Jedi to be our coach and he said yes,” he said.

“We had a club meeting and had election and we voted and Colin lost the vote. At first it was tied and Larrow who was [mentally ill] at the time, was outside listening and Larrow came in and voted for us,” he added.

Considered one of the better teams in the ‘90s, Attackers featured a number of the country’s young and talented players, to include Jeffers, Avery “Ranks” Smith and Jair Isaac.

The former player turned national coach remembered also that the Attackers team of the ‘90s was a difficult one to make.

“When Colin used to select the team to go to play in the Shipwreck league, when I first started out I didn’t make the team and I cried because it was really tough on me because as soon as I got dropped I used to cry. I used to cry a lot; I was very emotional,” he said.

The Attackers FC eventually disbanded a few years later while the All Saints United FC emerged from the bubble.

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