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Antigua and Barbuda Emergency Medical Services: The Antigua and Barbuda Emergency Medical Services would like to remind the general public that in the execution of our duty as medical first responders, (A.B.E.M.S) personnel is not permitted to be the first on scene of a violent crime incident or altercation in which the police has not yet taking control of the scene. These international guidelines were created to protect unarmed first responders and as such we hold these standards in our day to day operations here in Antigua and Barbuda. Please note as well, in light of the current pandemic, when a request is made for an ambulance by the general public our dispatcher and 911 operators will ask additional questions along with the standard ones. This is to determine what type of ambulance would be sent to you e.g. the Infectious Control Unit versus the advanced life support unit or a basic life support unit etc, this helps to provide the best service possible with regard to the emergency and keeps everyone safe.