Employees get their turn to weigh in on ‘Sunday holiday’

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Employees are being encouraged to attend the second public consultation being held in light of the Public Holiday Amendment Bill 2019, next week Thursday.

According to the Minister of Legal Affairs, Steadroy “Cutie” Benjamin, this meeting is an important prerequisite to the amendment of the Bill.

“These public consultations are very important. We had a very thought-provoking and interactive consultation with the employers and next week will be in the employee’s terms. I am inviting all the employees from different organisations who have got interest to come to the Parliament Building … so that we can have a very interactive session.

“It is important because the matter of Public Holidays and what’s happening on a Sunday needs to be addressed. I am inviting all to come forward with your advice, your ideas so that we can contend and come to what we consider to be a decision in the best interest of all parties in Antigua and Barbuda,” Benjamin said.

Last week, the first public consultation was held amongst employers with most of them being in agreement with the amendment which seeks to clarify that Sunday is not a holiday.

The Public Holidays Act Schedule CAP. 354, which identifies Public Holidays, states that Sundays, Christmas Day and Good Friday are observed as Common Law Holidays.

Over the years, however, this has not been recognised since some businesses open on Sundays, largely due to the changing economic times.

The proposed Public Holiday Amendment Bill 2019 seeks to update the law from a tradition that was handed down through the colonial system to what has been in practice as of late.

These consultations are being conducted by the government before the Public Holiday Amendment Bill 2019 is tabled in Parliament.

The employee consultation will begin at 10:30 am on October 10th at the Parliament Building.

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