Eleven-year-old injured in Tanner Street accident

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Police were investigating a traffic accident on Tanner Street yesterday which resulted in an 11-year-old girl being transported by ambulance to the Mount St John’s Medical Centre for treatment.

The young girl sustained injuries to her head from the impact of a collision between two cars.

The other motorist involved in the accident told OBSERVER media he was driving down the street when a woman suddenly opened her car door.

“She was about to exit her car so I guess she didn’t see my vehicle coming down the road,” the man said. “The little girl was on the other side of the vehicle so the impact pushed the [woman’s] vehicle to the wall where she was and that’s when she got injured.”

The man said he was saddened by the situation as he observed that the child had sustained a serious gash on her forehead.

“I was surprised. When I looked directly to my left through the vehicle, I saw the little girl through the glass with a big gash on her head. I just jumped out of my car; I thought she was pinned between the vehicle. I was thinking, ‘how are we going to get her out from between there?’”.

Eyewitnesses corroborated the male driver’s account of the incident.

The other (female) driver involved in the accident declined to speak on the matter. Earlier reports that she was the injured child’s mother – and that the child was in her car at the time of the collision – have since turned out to be incorrect.

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