Electoral commissioner: successful electoral process

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Electoral commissioner Anthonyson King said that the elections went according to plan with no major concerns but some minor errors.
Some residents who voted in the All Saints West constituency said there were no names on the ballots, just party symbols which made voting somewhat difficult.
King explained that this was a printing error and the voters should have given the ballots back to the returning officer and gotten another ballot. He added that the returning officer should not have issued such ballots to the voters.
“Whenever you print thousands of copies of something, some will come out defective,” he told OBSERVER media.
The commissioner emphasised that you can’t vote with the symbols alone. The symbols should be accompanied by the names as well. King mentioned that he believes these ballots were counted despite the error.
King said presiding officers and clerks who work inside the voting unit had a picture list of each voter but not every polling room had one.
The electoral commissioner said he was confident in everyone’s contribution to the electoral process including the great turnout of elderly voters as most of them recognised the party symbols.
King stated that for those who needed assistance, the returning officer was there to help them vote.
The Antigua Barbuda Electoral Commission (ABEC) also made exceptions for the sick and the physically challenged, including the blind, by allowing them to be accompanied by relatives in the presence of a returning officer who assisted them to vote.

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