Election candidate takes FA to task over list request

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One candidate for the pending Antigua & Barbuda Football Association (ABFA) election, Edson Joseph, has taken the organisation to task over what he believes is the deliberate withholding of information pertaining to a club contact list.

Joseph, who appeared on the Good Morning Jojo Sports Show on Thursday, said he had written to the association requesting a contact list for all clubs currently registered with the ABFA but to date, has not received a reply.

“I think that if an election is due that clubs are to be duly notified and the relevant information communicated to all and as a professional, if I want something from them I don’t pick up the phone in this election and say, ‘Banks my friend, could you send me a list or email me a list of the things’. I write formally, I send it with someone but not even a response to say, I acknowledge receipt of your request,” he said. 

Joseph, a former executive member during the Ralph Potter presidency, said the experience has left him questioning the process.

More in today’s Daily Observer.


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