Elderly man found dead at home

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The discovery of a partially decomposed body found in a Lovelace Road, Gray’s Farm home has resulted in some residents calling for neighbours to look out more for one another.
The badly decomposing body of Miguel Christian, 71, was found last Tuesday.
It is believed he was last seen alive about a week earlier.
Social media users called on residents to look out for those residents living alone, especially the sick and elderly.
“No one should have to die alone like that and days pass before someone finds them,” one poster wrote.
Christian’s corpse was discovered after residents in his immediate neighbourhood became overwhelmed by the stench that emanated from his home over a few days. They broke in and that’s when they realised what had happened. Police were called to the scene and at the time of going to press, lawmen said foul play was not suspected.
Christian was known to be sick with diabetes and high blood pressure for the past 20 plus years.

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