Elder of Rastafarian tribe fined for possession of gun and ammunition

King Osagyefo Mack (Photo by Gemma Handy)
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By Latrishka Thomas

[email protected]

Elder of the local Nyahbinghi tribe Glasford Foster “Osagyefo” Mack now owes the state a whopping $10,000 after he was found in possession of a gun and ammunition.

Osagyefo’s home at Creekside was the subject of a police search on Tuesday where the cops found a 9mm rifle with 10 matching rounds, and 49 rounds of .45 ammunition.

However, Osagyefo was not the only one who was charged.

A fellow Rastafarian, Ronell Browne, was also slapped with the same charges.

Yesterday, they both pleaded guilty before Magistrate Conliffe Clarke in the St John’s Magistrate’s Court, but Browne has to pay only $5,000 to the court.

The Rastafarian elder told the court that someone had fired shots at him at his home one night and that he needed the weapon as a source of protection for his family.

Osagyefo also said that he already applied to get a firearm licence, but he had obtained the weapon pending the completion of the application process.

Osagyefo could be imprisoned for 18 months if he fails to pay the fine by the middle of July, while Browne would be subjected to a 12-month jail sentence if he too fails to pay.

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