Eight-year-old boy struck by car

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An eight-year-old boy is nursing injuries to his limbs and body after being struck by a vehicle while walking to school yesterday morning.
Zayne Browne was crossing from east to west on Old Parham Road, just after 8 a.m., when he was struck in the vicinity of the public clinic.
Coretta King, the boy’s mother, told OBSERVER media that she believes the impact on her son’s body was minimised by his large school bag.
“Thank God for the heavy-duty school bags these children are now carrying because it helped cushion the blow to his body. The car hit him on the left side, so he has been complaining of pain in his hand, back, hip and leg,” King said.
An eyewitness informed our newsroom that the vehicle was travelling on the main road outside Pigotts Primary School, when it made a left onto Old Parham Road without coming to a complete stop.
According to the boy’s mother, her son informed her that a female driver stopped to allow him to cross when the impact of the vehicle propelled him into the air and he landed on his back.
According to the woman, the driver pulled onto the sidewalk and rushed to the boy’s side.
An ambulance was summoned, and the Pigotts Primary School student was rushed to the Mount St. John’s Medical Centre in a conscious state.
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