Efforts underway to help elderly and disabled people access Electoral Commission services

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Antigua and Barbuda Electoral Commission Public Relations Officer, Elisa Graham (Facebook photo)
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Disabled and elderly residents are to benefit from improved access to key services offered by the Antigua and Barbuda Electoral Commission (ABEC).

Efforts are underway to remedy concerns and challenges faced by some residents such as difficulty climbing the stairs at ABEC’s Queen Elizabeth Highway headquarters.

“Persons who are probably walking with a cane, instead of having them coming up to the headquarters to complete their transfers as well as to collect their cards, we are going to facilitate a process at the Central Registration Unit located on Factory Road opposite the John E St Luce Financial Centre where those persons would be able to complete their transfers as well as collect their cards,” the body’s Public Relations Officer Elisa Graham told Observer.

She advised such residents, however, to notify staff at the Central Registration ahead of their arrival.

“We are asking those individuals to call the office at 562-4198 at least a day in advance so we could know and meet them there the next day at whatever time they agree on to complete their transfer as well as to collect their cards,” Graham stated.

She went on to assure people that ease of accessibility to services is at the forefront of ABEC’s plans ahead of the next general election.

“That is something the Electoral Commission always has in mind because our overall goal is to ensure that everyone has access to be able to go out and vote whenever that day is called,” she explained.

“Most of our polling stations are normally chosen based on accessibility to ensure there are ramps, ensure that there are sufficient waiting areas for persons who can’t stand long in the line and ensure there are seating areas and so on,” Graham added.

While elections are not constitutionally due until March 2023, there has been increased political activity in recent months from all three main political parties.

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