Edwards: “I am Taking The Bull By The Horn”

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The Empire Football Club, in the interim, will turn to former national midfielder, Desmond “Zico” Bleau, as they desperately seek to turnaround their dismal run in the Antigua and Barbuda Football Association (ABFA) top flight. Bleau, who is currently playing with the 13 times champions, will act as player/coach but will be assisted by female coach Karen Warner.
This was revealed by President of the Empire FC and former national midfielder, Veron “Epilus” Edwards, who said that he ,too, will be doing some coaching. “In the interim or until we feel comfortable and find the person we want, Desmond ‘Zico’ Bleau will act as player/coach along with Karen Warner who is the assistant coach and the three of us will conduct coaching sessions. Myself and Zico conducted most of the coaching session yesterday [Monday] as we look to make some changes in the way we play,” Edwards said.
Empire sits at the bottom of the 10-team standings with just two points after nine showings and are yet to record their first win of the season. Edwards, who had previously revealed that three coaches have shown an interest in the job, believes the time is right for him and his staff to step in. “I feel that as the president of Empire and as a former captain, coach and player, I have to hold the bull by the horn and steer this ship into calm waters and not to necessarily depend on too much outside help with this because what Empire needs is somebody who understands Empire, the history, the nature and the passion of Empire to get this ship out of [rough] waters,” he said.
Last week, Empire sacked coach Vincent “Nabu” Samuel over the team’s poor performance, a decision some believe, was too long in coming. The aim now, Edwards said, is avoiding relegation to the First Division. “We can’t win the cup, but we certainly can stay up and that will be the goal of the team which is to stay up. Also, our under-17s and under-15s have started training and I am going to throw myself into it along with Yaya [Shakimba Williams], who is a former captain .
The only way Empire can be successful is to build and build players who understand the nature of the community,” the president said. Empire will face Greenbay Hoppers in the second match of a triple-header slated for Sunday at the Antigua Recreation Ground (ARG).

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