Educators satisfied with efforts to improve college conditions

The Union of Tertiary Educators of Antigua and Barbuda said it has adopted a “wait and see policy” as the Ministry of Education address the issues raised about conditions at the Antigua State College.

Patrick Simon, the union head, said this was the outcome of yesterday two-hour meeting between the union’s executive and, Rosalyn Greenaway, permanent secretary of education; Clare Browne, director of education; Hyram Forde, principal of ASC; and Dr. Patricia Benn, vice principal of ASC. “They have already started to address the issues we highlighted, but, at the end of the day if things are being addressed like the furniture issue which was addressed with a quick temporary, so things are being done,” Simon told OBSERVER media yesterday.

Tutors at the ASC took industrial action last week and refused to teach in protest ofinadequate classroom space, inadequate furniture, poor bathroom facilities and poor internet service, among other concerns.

After two days of protest action, classes were resumed when the union met with Ministry of Education officials.

Simon said promises were made and already efforts have been started to get the Golden Grove and Five Island campuses up to par for the educators. He said already the complaints about the bathroom have been addressed Simon added that the educators are satisfied, at this stage, that the ministry of education is on the same page with them.

Meanwhile, the director of education had earlier said the delays in completing the work that started last year were because of challenges in acquiring certain equipment.

The issues were firstraised when industrial action was taken back in October, and since then the educators were not satisfied with the level of work done, which prompted the second bout of action, last week.

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