Education officials laud Grade 6 results, praise kids for resilience amid pandemic

Director of Education Clare Browne
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By Carlena Knight

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Education officials say they are pleased with the overall results for the 2022 Grade Six National Assessment.

Education Officer for Measurement and Evaluation Ineta Francis commended the students, parents and teachers for their hard work during a press conference on Friday.

“We are very pleased with the overall performance of the students. We are very pleased especially in mathematics; although there is a dip, there were actually two students who attained 100 percent on their mathematics exam,” Francis said.

“We would like to commend all of the teachers who would have put in such great effort to prepare these students for the assessment.

“We know it’s a lot of hard work and so we would like to encourage them because our hope is that we continue on an upward trend in terms of students achieving the acceptable grades that we are looking for. That is my wish. It makes my work a whole lot easier when we see a lot of high flyers coming through,” she added.

This year, 88 percent of students who sat the exams produced acceptable grades – a two percent increase from last year.

A total of 652 students were ranked as level one, 565 as level two, 154 as level three and 15 as level four.

Eighty-nine percent of the students had a passing grade of over 50 percent for language arts for 2022, a six percent increase on last year. For science there was a nine percent increase from last year.

There was however a slight dip of four percent for mathematics and two percent for social studies.

Director of Education Clare Browne also congratulated all of the students who took the exams.

He praised them for showing great resilience throughout their final years of primary school, adapting through a pandemic.

“The report we give this morning tells the narrative of struggle, tells the narrative of sacrifice, of inspiration and industry of perseverance, and persistence of resilience and recovery, of love and support and so, today, we celebrate our students,” Browne said on Friday.

He also thanked the teachers and auxiliary staff for their sacrifice and efforts to perform their duties for the children.

A total of 1,383 students in public and private schools, along with three pupils who are home schooled, sat the Grade Six National Assessment.

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