Education Ministry awaiting PMS stabbing report

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The Ministry of Education is awaiting a report on the stabbing incident at the Princess Margaret School that left one teen hospitalised with a wound to the upper body.
Director of Education, Clare Browne said yesterday that he was aware of the stabbing of a fourth former that occurred right after school was dismissed on Friday and the suspect, another student, was detained by the police.
“We are waiting to get the report from the principal of the school, once we get that report we will conduct our own investigation, have a hearing and take whatever action we can take under the law. I will try to reach out to the school and the parent. Even if it was after school the law speaks to the students being accountable and responsible to the Ministry of Education while they travel to and from school,” Browne said.
It is alleged that the stabbing was the result of a verbal altercation that quickly escalated.
Students and parents who claim they were close to the alleged stabber and the victim said chaos erupted when the teen was “stabbed in the chest with an old fashion tailor scissors.”
One parent who was at the compound waiting to pick up her daughter said the injured boy was seen “holding the left side of his chest.”
“We have jurisdiction there, we will look at it, we will examine the facts and we would take the necessary steps. It is a police matter but the school has to do what it has to do. We would take whatever necessary action under the law,” Browne added.
Our newsroom tried without success to contact relatives of the injured student who was reportedly still a patient at the Mount St. John’s Medical Centre, yesterday.
Up to yesterday, no report on the incident was forthcoming from the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda.

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