Education Director outlines rules for school transfer requests

Director of Education Clare Browne
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By Theresa Goodwin

[email protected]

The Director of Education says there are several factors that are considered before a request for transfer is granted for students who sat the recently concluded Grade Six National Assessment.

Clare Browne addressed the matter during a news conference on Friday saying while a few transfers were approved this year, they are generally not recommended.

Students who scored in the top 100 are placed at either the Antigua Girls High or Antigua Grammar schools, while others are placed based on their geographical location and where space is available.

“We recognised that some persons would have moved from where they lived somewhere during the year and they were not able to notify the school. So, we may have a child who lives in All Saints going to Jennings or St Mary’s Secondary – now that would be a challenge.

“We don’t want to put a child through that, to go taking two or three buses to school in the morning. So, in cases like those we would have made adjustments to the school placements,” Browne said, explaining that one or two transfers were approved based on special circumstances.

But he continued that transfers are not encouraged, noting that a student can bloom wherever he or she is planted.

He added that parents and guardians too often seek transfers for a preferred institution out of mere dislike for a school, saying this is not a good enough reason.

“Every year people come and write plenty letters, asking for transfers for no real reasons. All schools offer the same kind of education; it is just about how the child applies it and the kind of support that the child gets from the parents,” Browne added.

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