Edson Joseph: Grenades to decide this week on taking league matter further

General Secretary of the Grenades Football Club, Edson Joseph.
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By Neto Baptiste

General Secretary of the Grenades Football Club, Edson Joseph, said the body will make a decision this week as to whether they will move their quest for an overturning of a decision by the local governing body to not crown them champions of the Premier Division.

Speaking with Observer media just hours before the hosting of the Antigua and Barbuda Football Association’s (ABFA) ordinary congress on Monday, Joseph hoped that the matter would be raised at the meeting and a solution reached.

“We are waiting until after tonight’s [December 21] AGM to see if they will raise it. It is not spelt out on the agenda as it just said that executive and member matters will be raised but we are waiting to see if it will be raised under that particular heading. The general secretary did respond to the first letter, acknowledging receipt of the first letter but to the substance of the first letter, they did not respond as to the request that were outlined in the letter,” he said.

The former player said they had initially given the association 14 days to respond to the club’s first letter after which, a second letter was dispatched. Up to midday Monday, they were yet to receive a response.

“I think it’s protocol based on my professional line of work that if you write to somebody about something you normally write a follow up letter before you proceed to take any further action, which is what we have done, but we really haven’t given them a deadline on this second letter,” he said.

Earlier this month, Joseph revealed that Grenades has officially protested the October decision by the ABFA to not crown them champions of the Premier Division while promoting a total of 12 teams even after having declared the 2019/20 domestic season null and void.

The FA, in early October, issued a statement advising the public that its 2019/20 domestic season had been cancelled but that as part of restructuring efforts six teams will be promoted from the First to the Premier Division while six teams will also be promoted from the Second to the First Division.

The football association however decided to not crown champions in the Premier Division while no teams were demoted from any of the eligible divisions.

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