ECCO hopes to reconcile with LOL promoter

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By Latrishka Thomas

The Eastern Caribbean Collective Organisation (ECCO) is hoping to mend fences with popular fete promoter, Chalita Rose, after the music rights organisation filed an injunction against Rose’s hosting of the popular Lots of Liquor (LOL) fete last weekend.

This escalated the antagonism between the two parties, and now, ECCO’s Chief Executive Officer Davis Joseph indicated that he would welcome an opportunity to hold discussions with the events promoter.

“He is described as somebody who is very successful in the industry and we would like to be able to be on absolutely good terms with him, so I’m not opposed to meeting with him – whether now or as soon as he is ready,” Joseph said.

“Let me emphasise this: Personally, I want to talk to each of the music users. In other words, if we could talk to him now and that condition existed before, if we could have spoken to him before I would still do it. There is no reason not to talk to him. Like I said there is some admiration for what he has done – the fact that he is so well spoken of in Antigua.”

ECCO resurfaced a few weeks ago and has been struggling to enforce its copyright royalties. Music users have been hostile and have expressed their frustration on social media. Rose was one such individual.

Over the weekend, ECCO filed an injunction to prevent Rose from staging his LOL event but the injunction was later withdrawn after proof was provided that ECCO had agreed to grant a six-month amnesty which was due to come into effect a few days later.

Yesterday, Joseph said that the challenge the organisation had in reaching Rose contributed to the decision to file the injunction. He said that feedback from his agent and constantly being redirected to Rose’s lawyers concretised that the LOL organiser was implacably opposed to the tariff.

However, Rose, the Managing Director of the Marketing Machine, said that he has never been contacted by ECCO.

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