Eastsiders and Old Road record double wins in Village Netball League

Drahz Eastsiders’ female team recorded another win over the weekend
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by Carlena Knight

There were double victories for Eastsiders and Old Road in the ongoing ABNA Village League on Saturday.

Playing in Willikies, Drahz Eastsiders recorded wins in the Female and Mixed Divisions.

Eastsiders, playing in the first match-up of a triple header evening, trounced Grays Green Tigers 33-13.

Esther Emmanuel led the charge for her team banking 21 of her 29 attempts while teammate Chaka Grant made 12 of her 20.

Grays Green’s Adina Andre netted 13 of her 16 in a losing effort.

Eastsiders’ Mixed team would follow suit just an hour later, edging out Ovals White Doves 22-16.

Kareem ‘Macky’ Edwards and Carl ‘Stamalang’ Kirby Jr both scored 11 points to secure the win for their team.

Ovals’ Molefi Joseph netted 13 of his 18 attempts while teammate Carlena Knight scored a perfect three of three in a losing effort.

Meanwhile at YMCA, Old Road’s Female team defeated Spencer’s All Saints United 1 23-13.

National player Amey Lake led her team to victory scoring 17 of her 32, while teammate Christine Mills scored six of seven.

Lorelei Lapps scored eight of 14 for All Saints.

Paula Jackson and Andisha Thomas contributed, making three and two shots respectively.

Wadadli Events Old Road joined their senior team in the winner’s circle edging out Spencer’s All Saints United 2 24-19.

Old Road’s Zenita Browne was the leading scorer for the victors, scoring 12 of her 17 attempts while teammate Tasia Luke made 11 of her 16.

All Saints’ Anaiyah Simon made 11 of 17 and Kika Josiah eight of 18.

In the other matches that night, Ovals Flyballers Red Rockets defeated Willikies Rangers 14-11 and John Hughes Flyers defeated All Saints All Stars 26-22.

Flyballers’ Carlena Knight banked nine of her 12 attempts while teammate Krizia Duncan assisted making five of her eight in the female encounter.

Willikies’ Patara Davis made six of her 11 in a losing effort.

For John Hughes, Calvin Carr scored 17 of 24 and Jamilla Fitz nine of 15.

All Saints’ Anjis Anthony made 15 of his 19 in a losing effort.  

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