Earthquake and FC Aston Villa stretch winning streaks in Gordon “Banks” Derrick Memorial Cup

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There were wins for Earthquake FC and FC Aston Villa in the Gordon “Banks” Derrick Kings of the West Memorial Football Cup on Tuesday.

Playing at the Fort Road playing field, Earthquake FC defeated Real Blizzard FC by a 2-0 margin. Timothy Sanasie and Jahbarrie Lawrence were the goal-scorers, netting in minutes 30 and 49 respectively.

There was a similar 2-0 triumph for FC Aston Villa as well when they defeated Blackburn Palace also on Tuesday. The sole goal scorer for FC Aston Villa was Sheldon Christian who netted in minutes 25 and 37 respectively.

Action continues on Thursday when Blackburn Palace take on Real Blizzard FC at 5pm at the PMS playing field, while West Ham FC take on Fort Road FC at Fort Road.

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