EAG contemplates legal action

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The Environmental Awarenes Group (EAG) said it is exploring the possibility of court action if its concerns about the multi-million dollar Yida project are not addressed.
The project falls within the environmentally-sensitive North East Marine Management Area (NEMMA) and the Cabinet of Antigua & Barbuda made a recent decision which clears the way for Yida to build beaches on Guiana Island.
The group has long complained that the project could be detrimental to the environment and marine life.
President of the EAG Tahambay Smith said a legal battle may be the only option that’s left.
“If this can be addressed amicably we have no problem at all, if we have to go the legal route we the EAG are willing and prepared to do such if that is the case,” Smith said, adding that the concerns of the group are genuine and should not be ignored.
“There are so many discrepancies which came to light so far. And the most crucial one is development of this magnitude is to come to Antigua and the government is yet to consult with the people,” Smith said.
He added, “We don’t know what is happening. It is just the other day we heard about a proposed gun factory, which has been scrapped,  and nobody knows what’s happening,”
The EAG head was speaking on the sidelines of a meeting which was held Thursday evening at the Museum of Antigua & Barbuda.

(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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