Duo guilty of swindling elderly woman out of $60K for ‘bail money’

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By Latrishka Thomas

[email protected]

Two women and a man who deceived an elderly woman and obtained over $60,000 in a bail money scam have been found guilty of fraud.

Lornette Henry and Cherylline Mullin conspired together with Baronet Warner, to defraud a 72-year-old woman by pretending that Henry and another individual had been arrested in summer 2017 and needed money for bail.

Henry was the complainant’s cousin and is believed to have provided the complainant’s number to the other defendants.

According to the prosecution’s case, Warner was the one who collected monies from the victim while Mullin called the elderly woman pretending to be a police officer, spouting false claims and requesting money.

The complainant made payments that added up to $64,110 in cash and cheques.

She withdrew the monies from a joint account she shared with her husband and even borrowed some, believing she was helping her cousin get out of prison.

All of the cheques bar one, which was made out to a supermarket, were written in Warner’s name.

Mullin used some of those cheques at the said supermarket to buy groceries.

The scam went on for about a month.

Warner admitted to the crime quite some time ago but Mullin and Henry opted for a trial.

On Tuesday, Justice Stanley John found both women guilty as charged.

Mullin and Henry are set to be sentenced this morning.

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