Drug addict husband jailed for stealing

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According to CANA a 36-year-old man has been jailed for 14 months after he was found guilty of breaking into the home of his wife and stealing items worth more than TT$5,000 (One TT dollar=US$0.16 cents) to support his drug habit.

Naindra Ramdath, who appeared in the San Fernando Magistrate Court, south of here, blamed the charge of housebreaking and larceny on his drug habit and told the court that he was willing to return to a rehabilitation centre.

The court heard that on June 28 this year, Sandra Boodoo locked and secured her Golconda home in south Trinidad and on her return two hours later found that it had been broken into and a number of items including two gold and diamond rings, missing. The items were estimated at TT$5,200.

Video footage showed Ramdath used a ladder to access a window, which he opened and gained entry into the house and was later seen leaving the building with the items.

Ramdath, a father of one, admitted he stole the items and used the money to purchase food and cocaine.

He said while he and his wife were still together, he had remained outside the house for the past two weeks because he had been smoking drugs and drinking.

He admitted having a drug problem and several years ago underwent a drug rehabilitation programme. He also went to counselling, but relapsed two years ago.

In sentencing him to 14 months in jail, Senior Magistrate Jo-Anne Connor said since the accused was employed he would not be able to compensate his wife for her loss.

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