Driver to be charged in All Saints Road crash

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Police said that a traffic-related charge is pending against the driver whose vehicle ejected large sums of cash and a gun onto All Saints Road when it smashed into two other vehicles on Saturday night.
The driver was reportedly speeding.
Lawmen said that 32-year-old Salanio Jillion of Pares Village was travelling on the main road when he attempted to overtake a vehicle, but crashed into a green Suzuki Grand Vitara and a white Toyota Rav4 that were both heading in the opposite direction.
The vehicle flipped, ejecting a BB gun and several thousand dollars in cash that sent motorists running out of their vehicles to grab what was scattered on the road.
Jillion, who was trapped in his extensively damaged vehicle, required the assistance of the Fire Department to be freed from the wreck.
The driver of the Honda, who hails from Five Islands, and Condon Jarvis of Desouza Road who was behind the wheel of the Rav4, were both transported to the Mount St. John’s Medical Centre for treatment.
They have since been released.
Police were able to recover a portion of the money and the BB gun.
Jillion told police that he was carrying $8,000 of his box money at the time of the accident.
While possession of a BB gun is not illegal, it is recommended that people seek the consent of the Commissioner of Police prior to importing and purchasing such guns.
Jillion will likely be charged with dangerous driving.
The crash occurred in the vicinity of the All Saints Pentecostal Church at about 8:30 p.m.

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