Driver in accident with pedestrians assisting police

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By Makeida Antonio

Police said a driver has been taken into custody following Tuesday’s traffic accident, in St. John’s, which led to a mother and daughter being rushed to the Mount St. John’s Medical Centre (MSJMC) after they were hit by a vehicle.

The incident occurred at approximately 5:45 pm on the corner of Redcliffe and Market streets.

Yesterday, Police PRO Inspector Frankie Thomas said the report does not indicate any life-threatening injuries and the driver is currently assisting with the investigation.

“In these cases, we would normally have the person in custody to assist us in our investigation and, depending on whatever information or evidence that is presented about the matter, whatever action is deemed necessary or fitting will be taken,” he told OBSERVER media.

On Tuesday, an eyewitness told OBSERVER that the women were struck while a group of pedestrians was attempting to cross the street.

“All of us [were] walking and saw the person who was on that side stand up on the line. As soon as I reach there all I hear is ‘bap’! Then [the driver] came out of the vehicle and she tell me she didn’t see us; the sun was in her eyes. The four of us [were] crossing so I don’t know what she talking about saying we just walked out. We didn’t walk out in front [the] vehicle because another vehicle gave us crossing. She just never look where she going and what kill me is she stand up there watching the lady crying shaking her head behind there laughing,” she said.

The eyewitness indicated that the two women are related and she is still in disbelief that the driver claimed that they bolted across the street by the stop sign.



four of us, two got hit, the mother and the daughter got hit and it’s just funny that she’s telling me that she didn’t see us.”

The witness said that the emergency services responded in a reasonable time.

“They didn’t take long, just 10 minutes. Don’t know how long the police take because they’re right there and they took longer than the ambulance.”

 Constable Kendel Shillingford provided more details about the incident on yesterday’s OBSERVER AM programme.

“Just to speak on the injuries, it was as a result of two pedestrians crossing the road and the vehicle came into contact with them. I would like to appeal to our pedestrians to always stop and look out for onlooking traffic, do not just walk across the road. Before you cross the road, if a driver stops for you, ensure that eye to eye contact is made.”

Meanwhile, the police continue to advise drivers to obey the speed limits stipulated by the Highway Code.

“Even if you are travelling on the highway and perhaps traffic is very slow there is no need for you to be speeding. Remember, the speed limit on the highway is 40 miles per hour and in the city and built up areas, it’s 20 miles per hour,” Constable Shillingford said.

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