Driver charged for hitting pedestrian in Market Street

Screenshot of the incident which was caught on camera
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By Shermain Bique-Charles

[email protected]

A female motorist has been charged after she apparently ran into a pedestrian on Market Street on April 1.

Head of the Traffic Department, Superintendent Rodney Ellis, told Observer that charges have been laid on the driver from the incident which was captured on camera. It showed a car striking a woman as she attempted to pass between two vehicles stuck in heavy traffic. The woman was seen holding her hip as she fell to the ground.

Meanwhile two other recent road incidents remain under investigation, Ellis explained.

“We will proceed with summons for the others,” he said.

Ellis was referring to an incident on Joseph Lane on April 13 when 61-year-old Elpa Perez was reportedly crossing the street when she was hit by a vehicle.

She is still in the Intensive Care Unit at Mount St John’s Medical Centre. In that incident Ellis said someone is likely to be charged shortly.

Ellis added that he is uncertain what lays ahead regarding a third incident on April 14 where multiple people were injured after being mown down by a minivan on Market Street.

According to reports, that driver had just exited the Fisheries Complex when he suffered a medical emergency.

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