Driver charged for alleged hit and run

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Charges of dangerous driving and leaving the scene of an accident have been filed against the driver who allegedly struck down 72-year-old Ricaldo Francis Tuesday night.
The accused, 24-year-old Miguel Ambrose of All Saints Village is to be granted bail at the St John’s Police Station, according to the head of the Traffic Department, Superintendent Leonard Cabral.
The officer said the accused is due to appear in the Traffic Court on Tuesday when it is scheduled to have its next sitting.
Francis, who was struck down near Townhouse Megastore around 7:25 pm Tuesday night, sustained serious injuries to his face and had to get stitches.
The handyman, his wife and daughter were headed down the road together when a vehicle knocked him from behind and threw him off his bicycle.
The driver of the bus allegedly left the scene but his licence plate dropped off. Witnesses picked it up and gave it to the police.
That driver returned to the scene about an hour after the incident and was immediately arrested.

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