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By Neto Baptiste

President of the Antigua and Barbuda Draughts Association (ABDA), Trevor Cranston, said he is willing to leave the role if given the opportunity to return as head of the Antigua and Barbuda Warri Association (ABWA).

Cranston, who served as president of the warri association in the early 2000s, revealed this week that if nominated, he will challenge for the post when elections are held. The often outspoken administrator was adamant, however, that he would have no issues with relinquishing his position as head of the draughts association.

“We have a very competent person presently in the Antigua and Barbuda Draughts Association in Mr. Barry Sebastian who is our vice president and I know if I move on that he would be able to manage the Antigua and Barbuda Draughts association. I would still play a role and wouldn’t mind being a floor member, but because warri has gone down so low, my intention is to bring it back to where it was,” he said.

Cranston is currently serving on a “normalisation committee” charged with reviving the warri association following a bout of dormancy. He said the efforts have been bearing fruits.

“We were planning to have an AGM in the early part of 2020, but because of the Covid-19 virus pandemic and the curfew, we decided to suspend all of the meetings. We are just waiting on the government to lift the curfew and then we will have an AGM to put an executive in place to manage the affairs of the Antigua and Barbuda Warri Association so that we could get it back on its feet,” he said.

Sitting president of the warri association, Joel Carr, has said in the past that efforts to host general meetings were unsuccessful due to a low turnout of members.