Drastic launches much-anticipated Guava Jam music video

Official photos from the Drastic – Guava Jam music video on YouTube @ DrasticVevo. (Photos courtesy Drastic)
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By Makeida Antonio

[email protected]

The long-awaited music video for Guava Jam is officially out now!

The Guava Jam music video was shot throughout the entire summer with Drastic, Shaade, Phil from 268 Writers and the directors for the music video were Drastic, Anderson Andrew and Nigel Scotland from Visual Echo.


The video was set on the scene of 36 Five Bar on Fort James Beach alongside the stretch of Shell Beach and homes in Scotts Hill were the backdrop for the pool scene.

Drastic received positive feedback for the song during the Carnival season.


“The reaction from people hearing the song has been pretty ecstatic; women and men have taken a great liking to the song. Of course, the women love to be thought of and compared to as sweet as guava jam and the fellas like that,” he told Observer yesterday.

Booked and busy, the soca artiste was able to see the song take on a life of its own at various events throughout the festival.

“With each show, I saw the fanbase and the response to the song growing. From Sunrise to Druesday to Youth Rave to RISE into Party Monarch finals, the response has just been great. I know people have been anticipating the video, they have been asking me questions, but I had to wait for Vevo to accept it and here we go; we are ready,” he said  

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Drastic left these requests for his fans and local music lovers: “Spread the word, leave a comment, drop your Antigua flag or whichever island you are from. The support helps with the numbers, and it pushes our music and culture forward for the rest of the world to see it,” he added.

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