Drag racing head hints at upcoming competition

The association has not held competition in two years.
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By Carlena Knight

drag racing meets could official resume in short order.

This is according to President of the Antigua and Barbuda Drag Racing Association (ABDRA) Jerry Roberts during a recent interview on the Good Morning JoJo Sports show.

Roberts remains optimistic that this competition will return due to the increased number of younger drivers indicates that there is still interest in the sport.

“Based on what I have seen on Tuesday nights, 99 percent of the people were young people. Very orderly, everything went smoothly and I need to encourage them to continue because that’s where it all starts from. People talk about grass roots and how sports start from grass roots; well, that’s the grass roots movement for motor sports. So, we want to continue to build on that and from there get into more races,” Roberts said.

Roberts also spoke to the long overdue upgrades for the track at North Sound.

“In any business, in any block or mortar structure, you have something called maintenance and we have to have a full maintenance schedule and abide by it. Going forward there is work that needs to be done and we are going to address it bit, by bit, by bit,” he added.

The prolonged suspension of competition brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic stagnated the return of drag racing and planned renovation of the North Sound track for more than a year.

There have been no competitive races at the track since early 2020 with the government granting permission for only a spectator-less test and tune.

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