DR. McIntyre says IMF not pushing A&B to accept financial assistance

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The IMF executive responsible for Antigua and Barbuda, Dr Arnold McIntyre says it’s not true that the institution is pushing the government to accept financial assistance.
The Prime Minister, Gaston Browne, had said late last month that the International Monetary Fund was trying to force the financial help on his administration.
But in a telephone interview, Dr McIntyre says the last time the IMF had such discussions with Browne, was almost three years ago.

The IMF executive says the institution’s inter-action with countries has changed over the years and it no longer tries to insist that fiscally-challenged states come under IMF programmes.
Dr. McIntyre says the government’s initiatives have been bearing fruit with the economy growing by about 3.7 per cent last year.

The economist has been asked about the government’s non-delivery of major tourism-related projects. He simply reminded that it is a very competitive market for foreign direct investment.

The IMF Chief of Mission responsible for Antigua and Barbuda, Dr. Arnold McIntyre.

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