Dozens of ‘curfew-breakers’ to appear in court this week

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By Latrishka Thomas

Scores of residents rushing home after the 11pm curfew were stopped in their tracks and arrested on Friday night into Saturday morning.

The number of arrests topped 50 and police told Observer that those residents were subsequently charged with violating the curfew.

Several also received tickets for not wearing facemasks, the police added.

The motorists were then offered station bail and are set to appear in court sometime this week.

Police statistics released in August showed 128 persons had been arrested for failure to comply with the curfew restriction since the state of emergency regulations came into effect eight months ago. The total arrests for neglecting state of emergency protocols was at that time 268; 94 of them were for not wearing facemasks, 42 for being at a social gathering, plus a handful of other associated violations.

On March 27, the government declared a state of emergency which allowed it to establish the curfew and other laws to mitigate against a rapid spread of the coronavirus.

In October, the government declared a national state of emergency for the fourth consecutive time since March. Residents could be required to abide by regulations and restrictions established under the measure until the end of the year.

A person who fails to comply with these special measures is liable on summary conviction to pay a fine, be sentenced to prison, or both.

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